About Us

Digitalfire is a creative production studio with roots in marketing and web agency environments. Whilst we focus on content production, we don’t ignore our background and thrive on producing moving and still imagery that gets results.

Our team is based on a core set of individuals and a wide network of artists and freelancers at the top of their game. This allows us to use have both consisty and flexibility when it comes to style.

Digitalfire is led by creative director Daniel Patrick Vaughan who has served this industry for over 12 years and is an award winning cinematographer and photographer in his own right.

We have the ability, experience and network to offer forward thinking solutions that consider brand, client, motive and audience.


Our team is built up of many moving parts, freelancers and partners but some faces are more familiar than others.

Daniel Patrick Vaughan

Creative Director

Joanna Vaughan


Tom Sinclair

Lead Designer

Steven Lee Sinclair

Camera Op / DoP

Michael Lambert

Location & Post Sound

Toby Tinwell


Paul Doherty

Assistant / Writer

Sandy Duff

Arts Consultant

Svea Hartle

Camera Assistant